Expanded Gardens Complete

Phase 2 of the tree well expansion project was completed in October after The Friends of Mt Vernon Children’s Park received a Park and Play grant from Baltimore’s Recreation and Parks department. The grant allowed us to purchase all the plants and materials to finish the gardens.

The team from Roca Baltimore helped prep all the expanded tree wells for planting. Over several days they helped place a Belgium Block border around the gardens on Monument Street. They also removed rocks from the ground and added soil conditioner and fertilizer.

Midtown Baltimore graciously delivered all the plants and materials supplied by Greenfields Nursery and a group of neighborhood volunteers planted all the shrubs and flowers. Mulch was spread, and finally a small fence was placed on the perimeter of the gardens to keep pedestrians and pets from trampling the plants.

The final results were really beautiful and increase the beauty surrounding the playground. We would like to thank everyone that helped make this project happen: MVBA, Midtown, BCF, Roca, The Loyola School, Greenfields Nursery, and all the volunteers and donors. Thank You!


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